The analysis of the soil on your grounds is beyond a doubt one of the essential steps to take when preparing for your landscaping project. Thanks to the survey, you will be able to better plan which plants and vegetables will constitute your flowerbed or garden.

Why Analyze the soil?

The sample taken by Hortika is sent to a laboratory to be tested. It offers us information as to the content of your soil, allowing us to determine which fertilizers and modifications your soil will need to receive and grow the plants of your choice.

The amount of clay, sand and available organic matter detected, the acidity level of the soil, the nutrition present in your soil and the presence of different minerals such as calcium and magnesium will determine whether or not your soil will need fertilizers, lime or compost to ensure the growth of your plants.

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How the sample is taken

The first step is to take the sample where the location of the garden or flowerbed has been decided. It is usually taken in the month of May, June or in September and October, when the plants are less “active”. With a sampling probe, the soil core is harvested for each area where vegetation is planned, whether it be for the purpose of a garden, on a grassy area or your flowerbed.

The cores are separated and tagged by location and date. We then have the cores sent to the laboratory to find out the composition of your soil.

This allows us, in turn, to make recommendations to you with regards to your soils content. Our goal, as always, is to ensure the plants that go into your soil thrive by having the best of what they need to grow.

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