Maintaining a beautiful landscape demands effort. That is the “raison d’être” of Hortika. Our services help you, throughout the year or on short notice to benefit from your clean and well maintained environment.

Regular Landscaping maintenance (monthly or every two weeks)

Need a hand on a regular basis or just a few times per year? No problem. We make it to your place to ensure your flowerbed is in order and maintain your plants, shrubs and gardens.

Regular landscaping maintenance | Hortika

Spring & fall yard preparation

The arrival of Spring is always exhilarating, however, it is also an indicator that your land needs to be prepared to receive flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit. Hortika prepares your land for you, ensuring its readiness to receive its new occupants.

On the other hand, Winter’s arrival signals the need to “close” your land and prepare it for the cold season. Our team helps you cut your perennials, by trimming your summer flowering shrubs and by removing your annual plants.

Spring & fall yard preparation | Hortika

Vegetable planting

By doing business with an experienced professional with knowledge of a great variety of plants as well as their specific needs in terms of the amount of sun or shadow, watering needs, soil composition needs, you are certain to have a yard that will stay nice for the entire summer. We are there to help you select which plants, vegetables, flowers and shrubs best fir your particular environment.

Vegetable planting | Hortika

Shrub Trimming

We apply a large variety of trimming style based on the needs of your shrubs in order to ensure that your shrubs stay healthy and grow properly.

Shrub trimming | Hortika

Fertilisation and soil amendment

Does your soil need fertilising or conditioning in order to improve its pH balance (for example lime)? Based on our analysis, we are able to offer you the ideal solution for your soil needs. Our soil analysis is the optimal solution for discovering the quality of your soil and recommending the type of conditioning will best ensure results in terms of plant health as well as the growth of your plants.

Fertilisation and soil amendment | Hortika

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