You, like many, are always ending up at the groceries to purchase fruit and vegetables to complement your meals or family snacks? Most of the time, the products you purchase are not local, with the exception of summertime when we can opt to buy local produce.

With Hortika, implementing a garden or an edible landscape allows you to benefit from coaching with a professional horticulturist, based on your needs. Our goal is to spread knowledge about horticulture and allow our clients to know enough to be able to landscape on their own and feel comfortable contacting us when they are not.

An integrated garden in your environment

How would you feel about creating your very own garden? Whether you live in an apartment or a house, the possibility exists for you to do just that.

Hortika proposes either to teach you how to cultivate your very own vegetables and fruit at home or do the planning, initial landscaping, planting and choosing seeds, weeding, etc.

All you will have to do is to water the vegetation and harvest the fresh fruit and vegetables once they are ripe. What is better than fresh, biological produce made at home to garnish a delicious meal?

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What is an edible landscape?

An edible landscape uses each parcel of your grass-covered land to cultivate fruit, vegetables and edible plants.

An attentive survey of your land and soil contents allows us to advise you on what best edible plants, fruit or vegetables to plant in which area in order to maximise your harvest. We will also ensure that what is planted can coexist harmoniously to optimise the usage of your landscape.

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The Hortika garden box, an ideal tool!

We have created our very own garden box, ideal for you to start your very own garden, whether it be on the roof, the ground or your balcony. Ecologically friendly and durable, they allow you to grow savory veggies that you’ll be able to harvest at will.

Contact us to find out how to get our Hortika garden box in your home!

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