Do you feel you could use some advice when looking at your flowerbed, garden or your plants? Hortika offers you the possibility of a DIY landscaping coach.

Horti-coach is the possibility of benefitting, at home, of professional advice and effective techniques for taking care of your exterior environment. Whether you choose a certain amount of banked hours for your personal use of a coach or a one-time appointment with a specific purpose, we can help.

By opting for coaching on the important elements of landscape maintenance, you’ll be able to do it yourself, properly. Each coach interaction with you will have as a focus the specific project you have in mind, with horticultural tips and tricks to help with the realisation of your project. Together, your coach and you will define the projects’ step by step plan as well as the way to achieve the final result you will be proud of.

One service, many uses!

With our advice, tips and tricks, you’ll be able to truly DIY (Do It Yourself), as is the trend in many areas nowadays, and create your landscape with your own two hands. You might also take on a redesign of your flowerbeds altogether.

With access to all the information we have to offer, you will also be capable of choosing the best vegetation to plant with regards to the specifics of your particular land. You’ll also learn how to start your own garden, knowing what can and what cannot be planted in a specifically chosen location.

Whether you know very little about horticulture or have a green thumb, our services will satisfy your need for the landscape of your dreams. How is this possible? Our advice is tailored for your understanding, regardless of your level of knowledge of plants, flowers, shrubs or vegetables. This is how we ensure your success and satisfaction in the landscaping experience.

Take a load off your shoulders by limiting the risks. Discover our Horti-coaches and their expertise.

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