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We created Hortika in 2014 with the mission of having you discover the potential of home gardening edibles, but also to help develop your ability to care for plants that contribute to beautifying your land. Nature is to be treated with care.

Working closely with our patrons, we offer individualized solutions based on your needs; whether it be advice on how to cultivate your own edible landscape or a turnkey solution allowing you to bear the fruit of your labor, the solutions we offer solutions adapted to your needs.

We operate in the Montreal region as well as the South shore area to enable you to exploit your environment to the fullest of its’ potential, allowing you to benefit of all nature has to offer.

We advise you on the choice of plants, the best location for their healthy growth and we proceed to an effective maintenance of your flowerbed.

We also offer a coaching service specially created with the goal of helping you maintain your landscaping as well as the elements unique to your space, having a professional at your side to guide you, to bring you some peace of mind. Please contact us for a free appointment. Together, we will discuss what Hortika can do for you.

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Who is Yanie Perras
horticulturalist & entrepreneur

Hortika is first and foremost the commited soul of Yanie Perras, our passionate horticulturalist. Professionally formed in horticulture as well as gardening, her relationship with the earth, to her, is a privilege. With many years of experience as a professional horticulturalist and gardener, Yanie decided to start her own business.

Dynamic, devoted and with a friendly disposition, it is with great pleasure that she shares her knowledge of agriculture, ecology, the environment as well as knowledge pertaining to your specific choice of plants.

Always keeping up-to-date on horticultural issues, she is currently enrolled at Laval University in horticultural studies as well as green space management.

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